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BOSTON, Mass. –  Members of Emmanuel College’s athletic administration and coaching staff attended the annual Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) Professional Development Seminar on Wednesday, August 8th.  Head coaches from each of the Saints' 17 varsity sports teams, along with Emmanuel's administrative staff and athletic trainers were on site at the all-day event, which was once again hosted by the Doubletree Hotel on the banks of the Charles River in Allston, Mass.

The Great Northeast Athletic Conference was pleased to have Jarrod Chin as the 2012 keynote speaker for the 2012 Professional Development Seminar. Chin currently serves as the Director of Training and Curriculum for Sport in Society, a program affiliated with Northeastern University that educates and supports emerging leaders and organizations within sports with the awareness, knowledge and skills to implement innovative and impactful solutions for social change.

The fifth GNAC Professional Development Seminar included conference administrators, coaches and student-athletes from each of the 13 GNAC member institutions. Each year, in conjunction with the NCAA Strategic Conference Grant program, the seminar focuses on a different topic, such as student-athlete well being, sportsmanship, emotional health, gender equity and diversity. This year, Chin focused his time on the topic of Bystander Intervention.

“Far too often we are socialized to believe that bystanders have little or no power when confronted with violence in our society. At Sport in Society, we believe that individuals can be empowered with the skills to confront violence and abuse,” said Chin.

Chin first joined Sport in Society as a Training and Outreach Specialist with Project TEAMWORK. As such, he facilitated diversity and conflict resolution trainings, primarily with middle and high school students. In 2003, he was promoted to Senior Training Specialist. In this position, Chin’s training duties expanded to include the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP), as well as Project TEAMWORK. As a Senior Trainer, Chin was also responsible for training new Outreach Specialists in Sport in Society’s Violence Prevention and Diversity programs.

“On Campus, student-athletes are well positioned as bystanders to be leaders on this issue,” said Chin. “They can hold their peers accountable and set cultural norms at their colleges and universities around issues of violence prevention.”

In his 11 years at the Center, he has trained over 500 middle and high schools in the Project TEAMWORK and MVP curriculums. In total, Chin has led more than 5,000 hours of discussion centered on preventing violence and promoting diversity in both academic and non-academic settings. Chin has also trained numerous colleges, organizations and companies in Sport in Society curriculum.

“The GNAC is excited to have Jarrod speak at this year’s Professional Development Seminar,” said GNAC Commissioner Joe Walsh. “Since the first PDS in 2007, the conference has been able to secure nationally renowned speakers and we look forward to having Jarrod continue this tradition of excellence with his talk on Bystander Intervention.”

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