April 19, 2009



SUNDAY (April 19th) - Joan Caldwell - \$50.00

MONDAY (April 20th) - Carla Andre - \$50.00

TUESDAY (April 21st) - Louis Yosinoff - \$50.00

WEDNESDAY (April 22nd) - Emmanuel College Annual Fund - \$50.00

THURSDAY (April 23rd) - Erica Wenz - \$50.00

FRIDAY (April 24th) - Katasi Kulubya - \$50.00

SATURDAY (April 25th) - Kellen West - \$500.00

Winning tickets will be drawn daily from Sunday (April 19th) - Saturday (April 25th).  Thank you to all of our "ticket pullers," including: Pam Roecker, Andy Yosinoff, Jamahl Jackson, Alexis Mastronardi, Sandy Robbins, Lorraine Barry, and Patricia Rissmeyer.

Sunday through Friday winners are awarded \$50.00 each.
A grand prize winner of \$500.00 will be drawn on Saturday night at the Emmanuel Athletic Awards Night.

Raffle tickets were sold by Emmanuel staff members, coaches, and student-athletes.  The EC Athletic Department wishes to thank everyone for their support in this fund raising effort.